LOOF standard

Permissible colours
Category: : traditional
Divisions : solid, tabby, silver/smoke, solid and white, tabby and white, silver/smoke and white
Couleurs : all except those based on chocolate, lilac, cinnamon and fawn

Permissible crosses
Maine Coon x Maine Coon

Head :
In length as in width, the head has a good size, with high and prominent cheekbones. Viewed from the side, the gentle concave curve at bridge of nose flows into a smooth nose line, without a stop. The top of head is slightly round.

Muzzle :
Viewed in front, the muzzle seems encased in a square. From the side, it clearly stands out from skull and is never pointed or tapered. Nose, lips and end of chin are on the same vertical line, strengthening the square look of muzzle. Firm strong chin. A good balance between head and muzzle length is essential.

Eyes :
Large, slightly oval and wide set, they are slightly oblique set but can appear round when the cat keeps attention. All shades of green, gold, copper or yellow, are accepted, without relationship to coat colour. Blue or odd-eyes are allowed for white cats.

Ears :
Large, wide at base, set high on head, the ears are set apart by one ear’s base’s width. Moderately pointed, they have a very slight outward tilt. Good furnishing and lynx tips are desirable.

Neck :
Medium in size, the neck is well-muscled..

Body :
Long and powerful, the body is large, muscular, with a broad chest. Rectangular in shape, the body should not show any exaggerate feature that would weaken overall balance.

Legs: :
Solid, with a powerful musculature and a sturdy boning, the legs are medium in length, strengthening the appearance of a rectangular body.

Feet: :
Large, round, and well-tufted, with 5 toes in front feet and 4 in back.

Tail :
Long, the tail should ideally reach the base of shoulder blade. Wide at base and tapering to tip with full, flowing fur.

Coat and Colour: :
Short on shoulders and thighs, the fur gets gradually longer down the back and sides to reach full length on the stomach and britches. Sought after on the throat, the ruff does not get down to the chest. The texture is silky, though with body and naturally falls on each side. Slight undercoat. Length of fur and undercoat density follow seasonal changes, and a short coat in summer should not be penalized.

Allowances :
The Maine Coon is a slow maturing cat and this should be taken into account during judgment. The head shows broadening in mature cats which makes ears smaller and lower. A slight bump is allowed on the end of nose.

Penalize :
Straight profile.
Pronounced bump on nose.
Weak chin.
Short or pointed muzzle.
Short winter coat or overall even coat.
Lack of fur.
Woolly undercoat.

Withhold all awards :
White lockets in non particolor cats.
Short and cobby body.
Fine boning.
Lack of structure or musculature.
Polydactyly (incorrect number of toes).
General show penalties and withholdings.

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