Maine Coons are known as the "gentle giants" and possess above-average intelligence, making them relatively easy to train.
They are known for being loyal to their family and cautious—but not mean—around strangers, but are independent and not clingy.


The Maine Coon is generally not known for being a "lap cat" but their gentle disposition makes the breed relaxed around dogs, other cats, and children. They are playful throughout their lives, with males tending to be more clownish and females generally possessing more dignity, yet both are equally affectionate.

Many Maine Coons have a fascination with water and some theorize that this personality trait comes from their ancestors,
who were aboard ships for much of their lives.

Maine Coons are also well known for being very vocal cats. They are known for their frequent yowling, chattering, chirping, "talking" (especially "talking back" to their owners), and making other loud vocalizations.


The Maine Coon is a perfect pet, getting along very well with children.
Despite its massive size, it can easily live in an apartment if it has been accustomed to it at an early age.

Most Maine Coons will stay close by, probably occupying the chair next to yours instead. Maine Coons will follow you from room to room and wait outside a closed door for you to emerge. A Maine Coon will be your companion, your buddy, your pal, but hardly ever your baby.

Its rustic fur requires minimum grooming, a weekly brushing being enough most of the time.

Maine Coons are relaxed and easy-going in just about everything they do.
They are not as vertically-oriented as some other breeds,
preferring to chase objects on the ground and grasping them in their large paws.
No doubt instincts developed as professional mousers. Many Maine Coons will play "fetch" with their owners.

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