Our cattery called “Au Pays des Coons”is a familial Maine Coons cattery located in Soufflenheim in Alsace – France.

The cattery was born on autumn 2013 at the arrival of Isis, a beautiful German girl with a wild look.
She is black tortie silver blotched tabby and white.
It’s a huge and lovely cat. She is cuddly, friendly and so cute.

We could not resist falling in love of the wonderful Maine Coon breed.

Our cats and kittens are members of the family.
We love them very much and they live with us in our home and enjoy lots of attention.
They are used to background noise from home, to our children and to our dog.

They have a LOOF pedigree.

They don't have the opportunity to go outside, but they do have unrestricted access to all rooms.
They have already access to a secure outside garden with a chalet.

I really want to have only a familial cattery. I do have only few cats to ensure a good life to everybody .

The goal is to breed healthy and big Maine Coons with a very nice temperament and excellent type through carefully planned breeding.
We breed healthy and sweet kittens which will make their future family happy.


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Bagheera, Jack Russell terrier Female, Born on December, the 29th 2005.

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Maine coot cats breeding in Alsace - France
LOOF Registration(Livre Officiel des Origines Félines) under the number 22132.
Cat Breeding Certificate N°14068006, Delivered by The Ministery of Agriculture in Rouffach - France, the 19th March 2014.
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