Current Litter

Kittens, born on April 24th 2018

Complete Inbreeding = 15,5 %

Clones = 37,6 %
Top 2 = 41,5 %
Top 3 = 56,6 %
Top 5 = 71,8 %

Pedigree :

Empreinte de chat Othello Empreinte de chat
Male - Red smoke and white


Empreinte de chat Obiwan Empreinte de chat
Male - Blue blotched tabby


The kitten is still looking for a new home.

There is someone interested in the kitten.
This person has the priority to buy this kitten. She has one to two weeks to take a decision.
After this period, the kitten will be booked or will become available again.

We are observing him/her as a potential breeding cat for our cattery, you can still ask about the kitten.

The kitten found his new family. Deposit is already paid.

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